'Bike Show' Maryland Art Place (2012); at once simple, yet complex, the bicycle has served a myriad of functions ranging from the utilitarian to the playful while embodying freedom, exhilaration and the physical extension of the body. The artists in Bike Show explore the bicycle as a vehicle for a range of ideas and imaginative possibilities. Artists: Chris Bishop, Faith Layla Bocian, Dan Perkins, David D’Orio, Eric Dyer, Ryan Humphrey, Alex Jansen, John K. Lawson, Richard Poplak, Joshua Wade Smith, and Jean Francois Rauzier.

'All Terrain' Stamp Gallery, The Adele H. Stamp Union (2009), University of Maryland, College Park; featuring three artists who each draw upon their immediate surroundings as a vehicle to explore the transitional and tenuous nature of place. Artists: Susan Main, Amanda Burnham and David Constable.  

'Look Now Look All Around' Maryland State Arts Council James Backas Gallery (2008); An exhibition of Maryland artists who work with mapping and related systems of spatial organization and demarcation. Artists: Susan Main, Julie Jankowski, Renee van der Stelt, Foon Sham, Lynn Cazabon, Beverly Ress, Anna Fine Foer, Brian Garner, Emily Hunter, Lillian Bayley Hoover, Jefferson PInder and Timothy Horjus. 

'Brink!' gallerythe.org, Brooklyn, NY (2006)An exhibition of works by recent graduates from the Department of Art Honors Program at the University of Maryland, College Park (2006). Artist: Mia Rollow, Anna Whitehead and Judy Stone.  

'Second Nature' gallerythe.org, Brooklyn, NY (2005); An exhibition of drawings by three artists who explore the unique tension of the understood and the emerging, the learned versus the instinctual, where drawing becomes possibility. Artists: Barb Bondy, Christopher McNulty and Moira Scott Payne.